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High pressure switch for water purifier

    This switch is most be used in water purifier,so named it.The main principle is by water pressure to start the pump according to the system, the water pressure is high, the pressure switch is turned off, the pump stops working. When the water in the tank is not enough, when the pressure is reduced. Pressure switch start is closed, the pump began to work pumping.

    This clever design,which has been accepted by many brand water purifier manufactures.Such as domestic appliance brand:Midea,GREE,Angel,etc.Recently years,the requirements of drinking water is higher and higher,but the water pollution is become more and more serious,the amount of water purifier marketing is also growing.So that the demand of net water pressure switch is growing.

According to incomplete statistics:

2013 2,000,000PCS/Mouth,

2014 3,800,00PCS/Mouth,

2015 5,000,000PCS/Mouth.

     There are many problems in the current market pressure switch, but the market demand is not large, so there is no engineer to correct these deficiencies. But Shenzhen Ningrui Electronics  took 1 years, investment 300000 to develop a new type of water pressure switch, This model is named GYK-01A.

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