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Ningrui Electronics Factory Testing,Ensure Switch quality

    Our quality target:the passing  rate of production must be more than 98% ;The passing rate of products must be reach to 100%,it means the products can be send out  until them passed the test, untested products and substandard products do not allow be send out;To ensure clients’ satisfaction more than 95%.So we must obey our rule of test.

1.Every switch must be send to quality control department for ship detection before shipment.

2.Quality manager sign to confirm the goods have been delivered quality control department.

3.Find the sample which is send to client for confirm dimension and function,to ensure the product is right.

4.Testing:ensure the quantities is right,whether the carton box have been broken.

5.Testing appearance of the switch after ensure the quantities.

6.First,check for scratch and hair defect from the appearance.Then,check whether there difference between switching surface printing.(certification,current,voltage,etc),mark the position is correct,and the terminal position is ok.Switch dimension is meet the drawing.

7.Testing function:detecting switch is energized,the light conditions,all stall function correctly.

8.There must is the test report after finished the test,and signature by inspectors before send to next department.

9.If there are bad switch,mark the isolation,and the analyze the reason,to ensure the every switch is best. 

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