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As same as [Cherry micro switch],and cheaper than them has been developed
     In the entire switching field,micro switch is the largest amount of switch,many outdoor appliance switch must need the  function of  waterproof,Dust-proof and long mechanical life .Such as Camera,LED electric display,all need waterproof,dust-proof and long life.

     But this functional micro switch,just only Cherry,which is a international brand have production.,but price is high,this will increase the product costs for appliance maker.But now ,Ningrui Electronics and Tongda  Electronics’ R&D team took 1 year,finally developed a micro switch which nearly cherry Micro switch ,waterproof,dust-proof, but cheaper through a number of tests and improvements.

   This micro switch compared with ordinary mini micro switch,the characteristics is waterproof,dust-proof,mechanical life is 3,000,000 cycles.And also overcome the limitation of the mini micro switch max.current reached 5Amp,now this micro switch can reach 10 Amp.

It be called:DK4-CZ-003.

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