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【Micro Switch】 Precaution

      1.Fixed switch body, please use the small M2 screw under the smooth surface with 0.098N·m torque are fixed。 In addition, to prevent the screw loose, it is recommended that at the same time use the washer.

      2.Please note that under free state action body should not be directly on the button or actuator force, when used for button should exert forces in the vertical direction.

      3.Action after the action is set to O.T. value of more than 70 [%] standard,The case of the switch, do not set the action in motion limit body position, so as not to shock accompanying the opening and closing, over stroke shortened life span.

      4.About the changes of characteristic of the action, even in the motion feature specification value plus or minus ± 20 [%] change should not cause failure.

      5.Where hand soldering, use a temperature regulator electric temperature 320 ℃ max. To complete the job within three seconds, and pay attention to the job not to apply force to the terminals.

      6.When used in small current, voltage, it is recommended to use low-power circuit type (Au clad contact).

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