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How to 【Micro Switch】 works

      Micro switch is a tiny contact interval and quick action ,With provisions of stroke and force on the contact of switch action,use the shell cover,the external drive of a switch,because the interval of contact point is small,be called micro switch,also called sensitive switch,limit switch.

       External mechanical force through the transmission elements(pins,buttons,levers,rollers,etc),make force on the action reed.,It will resulting in instantaneous action when action reed displacement to the critical point,so that end of the action reed moving point and fixed contact point quickly turned on or off.

      When the force on the transmission components removed,action reed produce the reverse action. Instantaneous reverse action after transmission component reaches the reed reverse stroke movement critical point.Micro switch contact point spacing is small,short stroke action,push power is small,quickly turned on-off.It’s action speed of contact point to do noting with action speed of transmission component.

     That is works of micro switch.

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