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[Rocker switch] will replace the traditional wall switch strong settled intelligent home

   In general,to traditional switch industry, rocker switch is hard to integrate into intelligent home.There still been some difficulties to break. This year,our company work together with the world famous brand EMBX, jointly research, and finally break through the difficulties, realized the modularity of rocker switch.

   We convinced that in the next few years, the  intelligent appliance switch will replace the Why make rocker switch replace the traditional wall switch there are 3 reasons.first,traditional rocker switch is one to one electric circuit control,home ,office and industry,all over are switch,One to affect the appearance, and secondly, is not very safe. And then,rocker switch’s settled,remote control circuit can be realized.Thirdly,the rocker switch is integrated into the intelligent home,can control optical fiber,images,and video.Specific content need wait until 2016,will be announced after the product is officially available,please stay tuned....

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