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What [micro switch ] can endure much lower temperature?

    July 15 2015,we received a inquiry from customer with detailed drawing and character parameters.What’s more,he required coil spring type but not flat type in micro switch .That makes our salesman  strange  .In a general way,customer will choose flat type but not coil spring type because flat type is better than coil spring in stability,life and price.So we advice them chose flat type.But the customer told us,the micro switch is used in automatic door lock system.The reason customer need the coil spring type is because during the winter season/ freezing point let’s say about -60degree flat type does not respond quickly unlike the spring type.

    Ningrui Electronics’ can tolerate -40℃ and have passed the Low Temp Test,we have not considerate more lower temperature.But the temperature have lower than before in recent years,-60℃ have appeared in many area.So we have ready to test whether our micro switch can tolerate -60℃ or lower temperature that every characters of micro switch have been not changed.

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