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Client from Spain choose [double pole big rocker switch]

    Early May,I found a E-mail about Double Pole Rocker switch from Spain in my mailbox.Client required the rocker switch non-illuminate ,double pole ,4 pin,and T125.But rocker switch of Ningrui Electronics is t105.

    Through the professional answer of our salesman:rocker switch have two kinds,illuminate and non-illuminate, But when we apply the UL and ENEC certification,we apply this two kinds together! Non-illuminate rocker switch is no problem to pass the T125℃ test,but the rocker switch illuminate can not pass,because the PC  light can not bear the high temperature to 125℃, this is well-known in our industry!We buy the body materials from Bayer of Germany,it is no problem to pass the T125.We can send you some sample free for test.

    About after 15 days,The client very pleasure to told me the rocker switch we sent have passed  the test of T125 and let me send him PI and pay for it soon.

    Best quality and professional service is a power of Ningrui Electronics.

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