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Ningrui Electronics, which specialize in power supply of home appliance and LED Light, is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the People's Government of Guangdong Province, It's an ISO9001-2015 quality system unit. It is committed to providing the best and fastest service for the continuous innovation of electronic technology, and has become a domestic first-class hardware outsourcing service provider.

The company has nearly 100 employees in various R&D, management and production facilities, with a plant area of 5,000 square meters. The registered capital is 5 million yuan and the net value of fixed assets is about 100 million yuan. In the year, more than 2 million sets of embedded controllers are developed, produced and sold.

The company has established a complete R&D system, quality system and manufacturing system. It has 11 technicians of various scientific and technological talents and 12 quality management personnel. It has high-end technical equipment such as SMT, bonding machine, lead-free wave soldering, intelligent online testing equipment, electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment, life and abnormal testing platform.

Strictly implement domestic and international advanced product technology standards 3C, CE, UL and environmental protection standards (EU ROHS, WEEE standards).



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